• Ray McClendon


Loving union, sweet embrace

Breathless pleasure, face to face

Limbs entwined, husband… wife…

Exquisite gasp, font of life

Image bearing, new creation

Children born, sweet relation

Multiplying, fruitful life

Eden’s garden, free of strife

Family circle, living in

Warm communion, absent sin

Little hearts, innocent

Humble children, heaven sent

Shades of Eden, Kingdom’s Child

Obedient, undefiled

Unified, peaceful walk

Hand in hand, garden talk

For a time, we dwell as one

Father, mother… daughter, son...

Few, precious years we are whole

Children love both heart and soul

Grateful for those early years

E’re rebellion brings us tears

Forbidden fruit, selfish thoughts

All grown up now, calling shots

Separation, broken heart

Growing distance, far apart

Prodigal, intent to roam

Leaving family, leaving home

The human family, the Divine One too

Suffer, when loved ones who

Intent on self, sever ties

Love and unity despise

Shades of Eden, trusting love

Little children, from above

Slice of heaven, thank-you Lord

Few, precious years of sweet accord

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’ And he laid his hands on them…”

–Matthew 19:14


Since God means for us to think about everything theologically, my grandchildren have been teaching me some profound lessons about our relationships within family as well as our relationship with God. My own children, when they were babies, were teaching me the same wondrous lesson, though I lacked the knowledge and insight to see it at the time. But I am thankful that God has enabled me to think this way now because of what I see in my grandchildren. The time each of us gets to spend with our sweet, sweet children and grandchildren when they are young and loving and innocent–before they reach the age of accountability and rebellion–is a little slice of dwelling in our own Garden of Eden for a few precious years. What we enjoy with our little ones in their first few years must be, at least a little bit, what it must have been like for Adam and Eve and their earliest children and their relationship with God in the garden before The Fall.

A blessing. A revelation. A little bit of heaven here on earth.

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